Review: Roxio Game Capture

Capturing your game footage has never been easier. 

Developer: Roxio
Publisher:  Roxio
Platforms: PS3, Xbox 360, Wii

Capturing video game footage for ‘Let’s Play’ videos or even just to show off to your friends has never been the easiest of pursuits. Now, while I’d love to consider myself incredibly tech savvy considering I used to build and repair PC’s for a living (and still do freelance), getting a capture card configured properly and humming along beautiful has been one of those endeavours that has always eluded me. For folks like myself, Roxio has come to the rescue with a capture solution so simple even a monkey could do it!

Instead of a dedicated capture card, Roxio’s Game Capture device is a simple solution that doesn’t even involve cracking open your PC case. It all works via a series of component cables, which are all rather easy to setup.

If you’re one of the many gamers who happens to game with an HDMI cable (and really who doesn’t?) you’re going to have to scrounge around for those 360 component cables that shipped with your Xbox. If you’re planning on capturing PS3 footage, you may have to pick up Sony’s component kit or check out Amazon for a cheap PS2 component cable. Both use the same PlayStation connector and will work fine.

Setup is a breeze:

-Install the included component cables and USB cable. 

-Make sure your console is plugged in via component to the back of your TV and the game capture device. 

-Install software and rock and roll.

It’s literally that easy. As a bonus, Roxio’s Game Capture software is also pleasantly robust allowing for full video narration, transition effects, picture in picture and easy uploading to social sites like YouTube and Facebook. Sadly, not all is well with Roxio’s Game Capture. It’s incredibly easy to use, comes with great software but suffers from one major Achilles’ heel — the lack of HD support.

You’ll be able to play your games in HD but Game Capture is limited to capturing at a maximum of only 480p. In a world where HD gaming has become synonymous with today’s consoles, the lack of at least 720p support is a bit baffling. While you can easily see from the above embedded video that capture at 480p looks clear and provides a nice picture; its missing that HD sheen. 

I don’t know if this is a technical limitation of the software or the Game Capture device itself but it seems like it may be something that could possibly be addressed in a future update. On the plus side, upload times with a 480p video are speedy and makes for getting your videos online a much faster experience overall.

At the end of the day, Roxio has delivered with Game Capture a slick and easily affordable capture solution that anyone can use. Its only real black eye is the oddly missing option of capturing in HD resolutions. For gamers looking for an easy plug and play solution for capturing and editing their video in one place, Roxio’s Game Capture solution is worth a look if nothing else for its ease of use and fully featured software package. 

Galaxy Minute

-You’ll need a decent PC for smooth capture. At least a dual core with 2-4GB’s of RAM

-Simple plug and play setup

-Fully featured editing software with YouTube and Facebook support

-The addition of narration support in software was a nice surprise

-The lack of HD capture resolutions makes us a sad panda

-Great capture performance and clarity even in 480p

For more information on Roxio’s Game Capture check out Roxio’s site for details.

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