Tomb Raider Definitive Edition and Thief are our first ‘First Taste’ videos of 2014

As I posted a few days ago, we’re going to be doing a lot more videos in 2014 and we’re starting with Square-Enix’s double punch to the wallet of Tomb Raider ‘Fancy Hair’ Edition and Thief. Expect 30-60 mins of footage from each game giving you a look to see if the game is worth your hard earned rupees. Following Thief is Infamous: Second Son, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Wolfenstein: The New Order.

Play as Vergil in DmC: Devil May Cry

DmC is looking better and better with each reveal. I know some are still on the fence and rightfully so but you gotta admit this bit of news is a nice helping of fan service. Those that preorder now (which I already have) will receive Vergil’s Downfall which lets you play as Dante’s twin brother Vergil and explore his story, with new unlockables, leaderboards and hours of gameplay.

US fans can preorder DmC at Gamestop now to receive Vergil’s Downfall additional content as well as the Samurai weapons pack. I’d imagine the same goes for EU and CA and well. 

DmC Interview and DevDiary

If you’re hungry for more DmC info or a look at some more gameplay than this post is going to make you do a happy dance. If you on the other hand hate everything that DmC stands for and want to throw it over a cliff, then odds are this isn’t going to convince you to give the game a try. It may, not bloody likely but ya never know. Check out a new interview with Director Tameem Antoniades and some new gameplay of the PS3 version of DmC: Devil May Cry below the break.

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Dead Space 3’s co-op has your buddy losing his damn mind

In Dead Space 3 Issac will be teaming up with new character Carver, who will sadly be losing his sh*t throughout the campaign. Issac, as we all know already went through the process of losing your marbles, so for him it’s old hat. He can tell the difference between real life and horrifying nightmare influenced by the markers. Carver can’t, which will lead to some fun times with your friends as while playing campaign co-op at anytime your friend could be wigging out at something you don’t see, but they do. Along with this new mechanic in Dead Space 3 is the ability to customize your weapon to your hearts content. Killing shambling corpses will never be the same.

Peep DmC: Devil May Cry’s free combo mode

Expect a lot of DmC: Devil May Cry content in the next weeks. January, crazy enough, is not too far away and Capcom is getting their hype machine humming to strike up interest in the title. A new addition to hte series is a free combo area that’s strikingly similar to Bayonetta’s other worldly black combat zone. Check out The Matrix/Assassin’s Creed looking white room after the break.

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Insomniac Games Ted Price shows off FUSE

Insomniac President Ted Price is showing off FUSE proper. The 4-player-co-op shooter is set for an early 2013 release, which seems kind of rough for a new IP. It’s nice to see that the characters still look like they have some personality; which really is Insomniac’s biggest strong suit. I just miss all the pretty colors of the original Overstrike form of FUSE.

Shank fools with friends in Assassin’s Creed III

Ubisoft has spit out a new trailer showing off Assassin’s Creed III’s multiplayer, which looks to have a little something for everyone. I had to wonder though, with so many interesting looking games with online components this fall, how are you going to choose which one to dedicate more time to?

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