On Another Level with Chelsea: Battle and Brew


We’ve all heard of all these awesome themed bars, that serve up exotic cocktails, foods and events to cater to your needs. For me, these types of places seemed so far away or I had no idea where they were. Fast forward to me turning 21 years old and finally moving over to Atlanta, Georgia, a completely foreign land to a born and raised Californian. I had heard through a friend about Battle&Brew, which was described to me as a videogame themed bar. Before that the only place I knew that was remotely like this place was the Mana Bar in Australia, which always seemed like a dream to me. Playing videogames, while drinking beer and/or themed cocktail drinks… definitely couldn’t be true.

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Feature: Interview - Kinesthetic Games Founder, Kostas Zarifis on Kung Fu Superstar and the State of Motion Gaming

Ex-Lionhead programmer Kostas Zarifis and his new studio Kinesthetic Games are on a mission to change your perception of motion gaming with their title Kung Fu Superstar. We had a chance to talk with Kostas about the state of motion gaming in the industry, and why their debut title just may be able to transform you into a Kung Superstar in your living room. 

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Feature: Interview - Chris Hatala and Jason Chan of Massive Black on Kickstarter Zombie Playground

For the last few years artist Jason Chan’s infamous painting of kids on a playground fighting off zombies has made the internet rounds on tumblr, twitter, reddit and just about every other social network you can imagine. Now, Jason Chan, animator Chris Hatala and an all-star team of developers are looking to bring to life the zombie playground beat-down in an all new third-person survival team-based game. The guys behind the project (Massive Black) known for amazing animation and conceptual art were kind enough to sit with us and talk Zombie Playground.

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Feature: Interview - Hiptic Games Creative Director and Artist, Long Vo

You may not know artist and developer Long Vo by name but odds are you’ve seen his work. With a long and accomplished history in comics as well as game development with legendary studios like Capcom, Long’s resume is as long (no pun intended) as it is varied. Currently Long has dived head first into the brave and bold world of mobile development as Creative Director for Hiptic Games. Their first title Go Ninja! aims to bring back a bit of the old school action we grew up with on the NES to iOS and Android devices. We talk Ninjas and mobile development with Mr. Vo.

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Feature: Interview - Steven Skidmore, Environmental artist on Darksiders II

You may have seen some of his work in the erroneously overlooked time-traveling shooter Singularity, but if by chance you missed it, you’ll be seeing plenty in next years apocalyptic Darksiders II. Steven Skidmore is a gamer, music lover and environmental artist on the upcoming action-adventure title which is receiving tons of buzz and for good reason… it’s looking pretty bad ass. Steven was kind enough to answer a few question for us on what it’s like for an up and coming artist in the industry and even touches a wee bit on Darksiders II

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