E3 2014, We’re Almost There


It’s the weekend before E3, the most exciting time of the year for gamers and also the most feared time for my wallet. I’m not alone, as many of you will no doubt be feeling the pinch this fall. Thankfully, no where near as much as originally planned. It seems though that 2015 is going to be more stacked than Courtney Stodden. Halo 5, The Witcher 3, Quantum Break, Batman: Arkham Knight and  won’t be making their 2014 debuts and with that some of us can breath a little bit easier. For now. 

Monday promises loads of new announcements. Some that have leaked like Halo 2 Anniversary HD and FROM Software’s PROJECT BEAST, but there still are loads more games to come out of left field. Some that may just be for 2014. 


So what am I excited to see? Well, a new glimpse of Halo 5 would be nice and it’s expected but it’s what we won’t see coming that really makes E3 worth it. Will we finally see a new IP from Nintendo? Will Sony revive one of their classic franchises like Colony Wars? Will Microsoft actually let Rare create a game that isn’t something connected to the almost universally loathed Kinect?

We’ll all find out this coming Monday. If nothing else most of us here at GND are looking forward to a surprise announcement of Fallout 4, which we desperately need. SERIOUSLY. If Bethesda announces it, I think Chelsea just may die from sheer joy. Carlos is looking forward to a new Zelda for the Wii U, which may be the thing to get me to finally purchase one. As for me, if there’s one game that we actually know of that I’m most excited to see more of is Bungie’s Destiny


The promise of Bungie’s deep AI, stellar weapon design and art combined with the loot whoring goodness of Borderlands sounds like something special. Of course, I can’t end this E3 blog without mentioning Naughty Dog and Uncharted 4. Without a doubt this is one of the most highly anticipated gameplay debuts for this E3, and with the phenomenal success of The Last of Us, it will be interesting to see just how much further Naughty Dog can take the Uncharted franchise on next-gen hardware. 

So, what are you guys looking forward to the most this E3?

GameDaze with Mike: The Great Drought


I know, these next-gen systems are new and I shouldn’t complain but damn if I am anyways. I don’t know about you but I’m feeling this next-gen drought something fierce. I’ve played through Knack twice, slaughtered enough Helghast in Killzone: Shadow Fall to have at least thousands of weeping Helgan mothers in mourning and have cut a vicious path of plundering and assassinations in Black Flag where even Blackbeard is eyeing me sideways. It’s been fun. I’ve even gone back to Warner Bros. cheap cash in port of Injustice for a few rounds with Batman and friends but I’m hungry. I need something new, and it seems my PS4 is going to be starving for a bit longer.

Sure, I could pick up Tomb Raider Definitive Edition today on PS4, but asking $60 for a title I’ve already beaten with no replay value just because of some extra spit and shine is a no go for me. It’s pretty. Damn pretty, but asking $60 seems a bit steep. Now if you’ve never played the Tomb Raider reboot, I’d hop on it. It’s one of the best games of last year; but as most hardcore PC gamers know, they’ve already played the “definitive” edition for about $10 on Steam. Making the price point more than a little insulting.

So what’s on the horizon?


Well, thankfully we have Thief coming up next month, but late February seems so far away. March, which brings InFamous: Second Son and Titanfall even longer. At this point both the Xbox One and PS4 are starving for games. I guess, I have no choice but to wait a little bit longer and bide my time killing a few more Helghans and perhaps making a bit more loot in Black Flag. Hmm…. there’s always something to tackle in my massive Steam backlog… Nah! LOL

What’s keeping you occupied till the big games coming in the next few months?

The BIG RPGs of 2014 - Part 1


2014 is in full swing, Xbox One’s and PS4’s are in gamers hands and the whole console war bitching is everywhere. Clearly, a new generation of console gaming has begun. And with any new console generation, it’s not so much about the hardware but the games. If you’re an RPG fan then 2014 is going to be a VERY good year. Let’s take a quick look at what you can expect to be playing on those next-gen systems and even a game or two to keep you more than happy on your old faithful current (last-gen?) systems. 

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GameDaze with Mike: I love mediocre games


Sometimes just sometimes, a thing can be so bad it’s good. Movies have come to embrace it, It’s why many love those terrible B or even F tier horror or sci-fi movies. Sharknado isn’t the social media darling of the moment for it’s amazing special effects and award winning script. It’s just pure cheese.

There’s something about it’s camp value that can’t be denied. Now,  some of these films don’t have to be horrible, sometimes they can just be… well completely mediocre. And when it comes to gaming, I love me some mediocre games. Or as I like call them, “Guilty Pleasures”. 

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One-Sided Interaction: Xbox Uno Presser

Microsoft’s press conference has come and gone, and being the resident ‘Microsoft apologist’ around the GND offices, I felt I should share some ‘fair and balanced’ views on the $499 behemoth that’s dropping this November.

First, I’m coming at these consoles as a PC gamer that dabbles in console gaming, so if it offers a shitload of media center capabilities, plus some really cool high-tech I-can-talk-to-it and it-can-see-me kinda shit, I’m loving that.

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In Memoriam: Oh the humanity! The online interactions of Dark Souls


The infamous difficulty of From Software’s acclaimed Dark Souls has evoked a spectrum of emotions ranging from crippling fear and self-doubt, through to fist-pumping success and unbridled elation as hardcore fans and new players alike shared those same feelings of heartache and, quite possibly, controller-throwing fits of rage.

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One-Sided Interaction: Last Week, Today, and Next Year

I have a real beef with Ubisoft’s marketing department. They tried like hell to make sure I didn’t know how awesome Far Cry 3 is. As I said last week, the only part of the game that was really marketed was the ‘shoot shoot shoot shoot shoot’ and ‘dude, it’s like crazy, man’ stuff. Games that are only shooting are boring. Far Cry 3 is not boring. It’s great.

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GameDaze: Christmas Comes to Pac-Land Retrospective

The 80s were a strange time. We loved the hell out of anything neon, and gaming was finally hitting its stride in the mainstream media. And by mainstream media, I mean cartoons. Mario, Zelda, Pitfall, Pac-Man and even a damn Rubicks cube got some spotlight. As with all cartoons growing up, you know they had to have that special Christmas episode. One of the best (or just plain weirdest) was Christmas Comes to Pac-Land. It made little sense but it gave us some damn enjoyable WTF moments in gaming history.

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Follow Friday

Happy Friday and welcome to something we hope to do each Friday. Tumblr is an amazing place with some unique voices and pretty far out blogs. Here’s just some of the cool stuff we ran across this week. 

The Miiverse - A blog dedicated to some of the most interesting things you’ll find on Nintendo’s new Miiverse. Penis drawings do not count.

Keizudo - Keizudo is hardcore retro gaming given new life and made into art. Fans of old school 2D fighters and top down shooters, you’ve found your new nirvana.

Brother Brain - Odds are you already follow him, but if you don’t you should. Brother Brain serves up hot pixel art almost everyday. 

Chelsea Hecka Gaming - Our newest contributor Chelsea’s homepage of random gaming insanity, with a strong focus on Fallout and Mass Effect love. She’s also currently giving away a sweet Persona 4 Golden Vita skin. So get on that!

Tron Things - a blog that lives and breaths all things TRON. Electric blue dreams live here for the user. 

On Another Level with Chelsea: Hello!

Now that GalaxyNextDoor has graciously accepted me into their tiny little gaming family, I thought my first article could be a bit of an introduction to myself. A little something to get to know who I am and what you might possibly see over the course of me writing here. I’ll describe some of my favorite games in my library and why my heart belongs to them more than others.

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One-Sided Interaction: Mass Effect & Dead Turkeys

Since I only ever discuss BioWare and their games here, I am going to do the same now. I am an emotional cripple, and venturing too far outside of my comfy RPG zone forces me to confront the wasteland that is the non-RPG-player’s vapid and pointless existence. I am not ready to admit that such a dearth of intellect exists on such a pandemic scale, so I am going to talk about Mass Effect 4 today. If this does not sit well with you, shove more turkey in your mouth and let the tryptophan do its thing.

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Casually Hardcore: Geek Girls, and how we can prevent being labeled


You may have missed it, and I don’t blame you if you did but last month there was a huge kerfuffle over some comments by famed comic book artist Tony Harris on Facebook over the validity of cosplaying females and geeky girls in general. Here’s the whole post to get you up to speed

The rant went viral. Tons of people responded, and there has been general outcry from the geek/gaming community as a whole. It has spawned numerous editorials and blog entries, comics and vlogs…it seems that all of a sudden, the internet can’t stop talking about what role women have in the geek subculture (if it can even be considered a subculture…maybe it should just be culture).

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