Lost Planet 3 coming June 25th NA and 28th in EU

Check out the new trailer. Gotta say this is a HUGE step up for Spark. In fact it looks like a new studio altogether. It’s nice to see them step it up. This could be the game that really puts the studio on the map. 

Lost Planet 3 makes the frozen action-adventure title a character affair

Lost Planet 3 is a pretty big departure from Capcom’s Lost Planet 2. While LP2 was in many respects Capcom’s take on a Call of Duty online heavy title, LP3 is a single player action-adventure title which focuses on story. It’s also developer SPARK INTERACTIVE’s best looking title yet. This could be the game that firmly takes Lost Planet back to the story focused fun of the original and also a new rebirth for a developer with a rocky history. 

First screens of Lost Planet 3. Lost Planet 3 is being developed closely with Capcom and Spark Unlimited. Lost Planet 3 is a massive change in direction for the series. It’s dumping Lost Planet 2′s co-op focused and grind-heavy campaign for a story-driven adventure in colossal open hubs where you’ll talk to NPCs, uncover side quests, upgrade your gear, and build your own mech Rig from custom parts you’ll unlock over the course of the campaign . Expect more details at E3. From these screens, this may really be a hell of a turn around for Spark Unlimited. Wow.

When you think of high quality developers, Spark Unlimited is a name that doesn’t come to mind. At all. Great art, and awesome concepts - yeah, sure but the follow through hasn’t always been the best. We can only hope that will change as the cat is out of the bag and Capcom X Spark Unlimited are making Lost Planet 3. More details as they come. For now check out the cool looking CG trailer.

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