THQ Cancels Guillermo del Toro’s InSane

Excuse me while I go and punch my Cthulhu plushie at this news. THQ has revealed  in their financial reports that long in development InSane is no more. Being developed by Volition Games, InSane was to be a survival horror title penned by del Toro inspired by the work of Lovecraft. Guess fans of Lovecraftian horror have to hope that Remedy Games continues their Alan Wake franchise next-gen, which strongly hints at taking things a little in that direction after Alan Wake’s American Nightmare.

Guillermo del Toro’s InSane not canceled at THQ

THQ has had it rough in the past several months. With their financial situation looking pretty grim; they’ve set their sights on a strategy of focusing on less software but with bigger sales potential. Let’s face it, the gaming industry is a ‘hit maker’ driven enterprise where only the big fish get to eat and the guppies get swallowed. With yesterdays news that Itagaki’s Devil’s Third  may not make the cut for THQ, many wondered where this left Volition and film auteur Guillermo del Toro’s Lovecraftian themed horror title InSane

It seems that development on the title is still ongoing and has not been canceled. If THQ plays their cards right I can see the title being a big success for the company similar to Saints Row 3. Volition is a fantastic developer and with the right amount of time and influence by a creative like del Toro, InSane could be the horror title to bring true nerve rattling horror back into gaming. Hopefully we’ll hear more of the title later this year. 

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