If you failed to pick up Batman: Arkham City, your patience is going to pay with Batman: Arkham City GOTY Edition. It comes loaded with every game DLC released so far and the new story DLC Harley Quinn’s Revenge. The icing on the batcake is an included download of BATMAN YEAR ONE the animated flick. 

For those that have the vanilla Arkham City, you can pick up the new Harley DLC for 9.99 this April 30th.

Play Arts Batman: Arkham series of action figures are now available for pre-order and will launch in February. Both Batman and The Joker look sexy and these being Play Arts figures you know you’re getting a quality collectible. Each figure will set you back $59.99 or if you’re slick, you can always put them on your Christmas wish list. 

Batman: Arkham City stream tonight on Twitch

Just a heads up you guys, I’ll be streaming BATMAN: ARKHAM CITY tonight around 8-830PM Eastern time over on our Twitch.tv page. I’ll try to be punctual this time lol. If you’re interested in seeing some of Arkham City and me fail horribly at augmented reality challenges then by all means check it out. 

NOTE: The next release I’ll be streaming is Lord of the Rings: War in the North come November 1st. But, there’s plenty of new releases in November I’ll also be streaming like Skyrim, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection and Halo: Anniversary

Stop by and say Hi! I promise no dubstep to be played in the background lol.


[UPDATE: It’s gone] I’m giving away a Jokers Carnival Challenge map code (PS3)

[UPDATE] Well that was fast. Got about 10 messages in like 10 minutes. You guys are fast. Congrats to xFOXCOREx for being fast on the draw and loitering Tumblr at the right time lol. :D

Want a Batman: Arkham City 'Joker's Carnival Challenge map' for free? Well message me over here and I’ll random give it to one of you awesome folks. Remember this is for PS3 only. 

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