I called it!

Capcom has announced Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3. Sure, everyone laughed when I said, "Ha! I’m not falling for that crap again Capcom. I’m waiting for the better edition with more characters. You fooled me with Street Fighter but not this time!". I heard the drowning noise of friends saying "No dude, this is Marvel VS Capcom, they won’t do that!". Who’s laughing now b*tches?! Ultimate Marvel VS Capcom 3 will be available later this year and include the likes of Hawkeye, Strider and the spirit of vengeance himself Ghost Rider. Oh and best of all, it’s only $40.

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    I’m still gonna end up buying it. Fucking Capcom. Also, In a world covered in eeenddddleeeesss water!
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  5. danhacker said: Yeah, I told all my friends Capcom would pull this same shit again and sure enough they did. So lame.
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    WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT. I feel like Capcom is the Jordan Brand of Video Games. They’re gonna re-retro this game 50...
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    ! ! ! ! ! ! ! PHOENIX WRIGHT NOW!
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    It’s about time Hawkeye gets front and center. My favorite Avenger.
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    If they add cyclops. Omg.
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    WHO THE FUCK IS FIREBRAND?? Is that the demon from Ghosts ‘n Goblins?? Jeez, give us another Street Fighter or Rogue or...
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    Oh look, this bullshit again. This should be sold as a DLC update. I wonder if they will actually add some content to...
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    hmmmm decisions decsions :/
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    …fuck you Capcom. Fuck. You.
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    Damn it, they better have an update or something online for those of us who already bought it. FUCKING A GHOST RIDER!
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    The Gameplay looks soo good. EPIC
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    Fuck you, Capcom. Now shut up and take my money.
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    Damn it, I was fooled!!!
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    Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. I’m not too excited for most of the reveals so far, besides Nova, Strange, and Rocket Raccoon, but...
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    not paying 40 for another one of these fucking games.
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    I want to play this game and I would if I was given it for free. Thanks Capcom for rereleasing another game with DLC...
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