GameDaze with Mike: E3 Hangover


E3 2013 is over and in the can. We saw plenty of games, Microsoft got beaten over the head for their bonehead DRM policies and backtracked, Sony wowed everyone with a cheaper price point and Nintendo still didn’t announce a price drop for the Wii U. All in all, it was one of the most entertaining E3’s in a very long time. Great looking games from all of the platform holders and third parties and a lot of promise for the future. 

This console generation is just getting started. Come October and November both Sony and Microsoft will have their new systems on shelves and fanboy riots will begun anew on internet forums everywhere. Which at times is even more entertaining then the games themselves. So what did you see at E3 that impressed you the most? Decided on what system you’re going to get yet?

I’m going PS4 for the launch of this coming gen for a multitude of reasons. More powerful hardware, a system that can easily be upgraded with a larger harddrive, PS Plus just being a great deal and Sony’s first party games have been killing it as of late. I’ll eventually own an Xbox One as well. I’m not one for missing out on a new Halo… ever. Everyone is going to go with a different next-gen system for their own reasons, at least out the gate, but there’s no need to bash anyone for their decisions. Remember, it’s just video games. Play what you love and love what you play. And if you’re on PSN, shoot me an invite. I’m TheConstantine on there. Say hello and introduce yourself. :)

So, what are gonna get this holiday season?

  1. antirebelhero answered: PS4, fits me a bit more than the One; although I went from PS2 to 360 last gen.
  2. jayro256 said: Although I threw Xbox One out when the restrictions were announced, now that they’ve been reversed, I’ll drop the extra $100 for Xbox. I’ll miss out on some great Sony exclusives, but I can’t leave the Halo series behind.
  3. christburger said: WiiU! Ps4 and xbone showed me games similar to what i already get on the pc.
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  5. excelsagas answered: please don’t support microsoft or the xbox one. it’s grossly invasive and sends info about you to the government
  6. mbwriter answered: Definitely going with the Xbox One. The line up of games did it for me. Halo. Titanfall. Ryse. They’re all mine.
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