On Another Level With Chelsea: Rad Raygun Review

Developer: TRU FUN
Publisher: TRU FUN Entertainment
Platforms: Xbox 360 [Indies]

Rad Raygun is a complete blast from the past and I mean that in the most literal way possible. The whole concept of the game stems from the oldest Gameboy graphics in different shades of grayish green that we all fondly remember. Same goes for our robotic hero Rad, who is designed to look similar to the ‘ancient gaming brick’ handheld with a d-pad and two buttons [A+B button respectively] embellishing the protagonists suit. Raygun is a 2D platformer hyped up on energy drinks, with many favoritable mentions from other reviewers who sing their praises.

Rad Raygun features five addictive levels and Rad deploys a variety of attacks and mechanics to get him through each level and end level bosses. The enemies you encounter throughout the levels all require a certain strategy to each, you can’t just stand there and blast them all away. Raygun pays homage to old games like Megaman and plays similarly so. You’ll also be constantly reminded about all those old games you used to play when you were younger and it’s brilliant. The music is absolutely addictive and I found myself constantly humming along, even when I was done playing the game. The music alone is worth trying the game out for, I guarantee it.

The game is extremely enjoyable and fun to play with others, taking turns at deaths and/or new levels. The cutscenes between levels are humorous and fun to read out loud with friends, enjoying a beer or two while playing. It’s recently released on the XBOX Live Indie Game and judging by others, aside from myself who have played through it… it’s well worth the money spent to support this game.

Chelsea’s Verdict: 9/10

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