Peter Molyneux: “Fable III will have proper co-op and the first co-op marriage”

Fable II was a fantastic game, one filled with great combat, hilarious moments and a wonderful personality morphing dog. But one thing that Fable II really dropped the ball in was the co-op experience. Fable III plans to rectify it.

On this weeks 1up podcast, Peter stated he head loud and clearly the complaints gamers had about Fable II’s co-op and Fable III will fix them all.

"I heard you about co-op, you want your own hero come into a friends world, fine you can have that. Definitely. In co-op if you come into my world you come as you, as your own hero with your dog and your own unique weapons. I heard you, you don’t want to be tied to my camera, you want to go off and do your own thing in my world. Fine, fair enough, you wanted that you got it but there are going to be consequences.

If you want to come into my own world and you want, we can get married. Yes, fine - the first true co-op game that you can get married.”

Peter also talks about the lack of a HUD and how Fable III is doing away with an experience system. It all sounds clever, but we’ll have to see how it pans out. We all know how old Pete can be.

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