GameDaze: The View From the End of the World


The end is near. You know that right? The Mayans and others foretold it ages ago. We’re right at the cusp of something. It could be cataclysmic or just a new Age, either way, I have a front row seat to it all. I’m looking at the cosmos and the cosmos is staring right back with all of the dark and grimy underbelly that its been keeping secret. 


It’s all thanks to FunCom’s The Secret World. Which just became Buy-to-Play this past week, similar to Guild Wars 2. It’s something that they should have done at launch 6 months ago, but better late than never - and it’s never been later than now. They know the truth, it’s why Game Director Joel Bylos has convinced the suits at FunCom to make the game Buy-to-Play. They want as many people as possible to play the game before the end. The question of what they’re going to do with the $29.99 the game is going for before tomorrow is anyone’s guess. Perhaps, if there are survivors from this earth shattering event, they can use the money for kindling to keep the zombies away.


But it’s real. The end is nigh, but I’ve been doing my best to go out with a bang and not a whimper. The dark forces have been gathering in places like London, New York and small towns like Kingsmouth; which are already reporting a mysterious fog that are bringing the dead back to life. It’s crazy times folks! Grab your shotguns and hoodoo bags and hope for the best. There’s not much time, and that crazy hobo with the sign that read, “The End is Near’ was right all along. It wasn’t the Olde English talking; well maybe a little bit. 


Demons, zombies and even werewolves are all jittery in anticipation for the end and they’re out there chomping away on humans in an all-you-can-eat buffet before Friday; they won’t get away with it though. Not on my watch at least. I’ve already slaughtered more than 50 of the rising undead and helped solve several ingenious puzzles that have tested my wits to their limit. My wasted years of playing Myst have finally served me well!

This is one rabbit hole that goes deeper than anyone knows — sadly there isn’t much time. I have to get the truth out there now. Hell, there’s rumors of the Elder Gods returning Friday; and I’ve even come across a few fellow truth seekers that have battled their minions, sending them back to the dark abyss where their masters lay in wait. Waiting. Waiting, ever so patiently for their eventual return…


imageThey better make it quick, if the Mayans were right. It would be pretty embarrassing to have an apocalypse stolen by some dusty Mayan zombies or a giant blazing asteroid slamming into Earth. I wonder if the next civilization will where shirts with us on them? It would only seem fair. We did it to the dinosaurs. 

So yeah, the end is coming. We had a good run I suppose. Twinkies, internet, video games and pizza. Not a bad run - if I do say so myself. The room is slowly growing darker now. I better grab my rune sword just in case. Oh no. The walls are growing thin—it’s too late—I can see forever—it’s full of…

The Secret World is available now on PC and is Buy-to-Play:

Amazon: Purchase TSW
imageBy: Mike

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