Happy Halloweekend

It’s the weekend before Halloween and the perfect time to get some horror; or at least spooky gaming in. I’ll be playing through some Resident Evil 6 with a friend, a bit of Costume Quest and maybe some Amnesia just to make things interesting. What are you playing this weekend? Anything Halloweenie?

  1. sckblog said: Probably a resident evil game for the fun if it
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  4. jiyandotcom answered: just watched a very spooky movie yesterday where i pretended to be brave and sit infront of the PC but right after i stumbled to my deck..
  5. porcupineflatulence answered: Uhhh, Resident Evil: 6, dressin up and going out with my buds, and horror movies :D
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  7. nuketownhero answered: i want it
  8. legendarymantis answered: I got the Artorias of the Abyss DLC for Dark Souls, so I plan to record and playthru that.
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  10. yiyo-chan answered: YES, I LIKE THIS PLAN. - We don’t have Halloween in Argentina.. So… the closest we have is going to our Zombie Walk :D
  11. endlesselements answered: Costume Quest! i forgot i had that… i’ll probably play that and the classic Resident Evil games. :)
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