Review: Resident Evil 6

Leon S. Kennedy is about to have one of the worst days of all time.

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms:  PS3/ Xbox 360/ PC [360 reviewed]

We’ve seen the reviews and we’ve heard the gnashing of teeth on the internets: Resident Evil 6 is a crime against humanity and even makes small babies cry. Capcom is ‘Le Fail’ and there’s no going back. Someone hold me!

OK, now that that I have that hyperbolic insanity out of the way let’s look at Resident Evil 6 for what is it, not what it isn’t, could be, or many wished it was. 

Ever since Resident Evil 4, Capcom has slowly been headed towards the Resident Evil franchise becoming a big blockbuster Summer movie of a game. The “survival” in “survival horror” has become “action horror” filled with more high tension and less spooky scares. Resident Evil 5 solidified the series as much more action oriented and Resident Evil 6 has taken that formula and expanded on it with a combat system which is deeper than any other Resident Evil title, beautiful visuals and enough content for two Resident Evil titles. 

When Capcom began their marketing blitz for the title, its catchphrase was "No Hope Left" and it accurately describes Resident Evil 6’s three main campaigns. Each campaign has Resident Evil franchise staples and newbies like Jake “Wesker Junior” Muller and company facing what appear to be insurmountable odds. Leon’s campaign is the one old school Resident Evil fans will probably come to enjoy the most as it’s dripping with old school atmosphere and old fashion zombies. 

Chris “Falcon Punch” Redfield’s campaign seems to be Capcom’s effort at going balls out with Gears of War like action; and franchise favorite Sherry Birkin and newbie Jake’s campaign is an odd mixture of action, stealth and a desperate almost unending chase that ends in a button mashing quick time event that will have you cursing your TV.

Each campaign will easily last you a good 6-7 hours, making RE6 the biggest Resident Evil title ever. That’s not even including the fantastic Mercs mode and new addition to the series Agent Hunt mode; which amounts to trolling other players online and having a ball doing it. Agent Hunt mode is easily RE6’s most under appreciated addition to the series yet. Gamers can choose to hop into the role of several monsters that reside in the campaign and invade others games. Making life a little more complicated for Chris, as if he didn’t have it hard enough dammit!

Each campaign if filled with highs and lows, and it’s almost a given that any Resident Evil fan will find a favorite campaign. What brings down RE6, besides its uneven campaigns are its constant moments of quicktime events; that by all accounts tends to be Resident Evil 6’s biggest vocal criticism. In an effort to make Resident Evil more cinematic than ever before Capcom has gotten quicktime event happy. Adding unneeded button prompts that could have easily been handled in an in-engine cinematic (which look gorgeous) just feels like a sloppy design decision. Even more so when certain quicktime events seem to come out of left field and can at times be incredibly unwieldy. One moment that sees Leon climbing a rope will no doubt frustrate some people as you need to actually keep a button pressed at all times while alternating between trigger fingers to climb. 

Further harsh critique has been handed to RE6’s camera, which can at times feel too close for comfort and can swing wildly like a drunken sailor on shore leave. More than a few times I found myself feeling cornered and hampered by the camera — which was especially troublesome in Chris’s campaign simply due to Chris taking up a good portion of the screen. 

Combat in RE6 is deep. Deep enough that Capcom really screwed the pooch in not letting gamers know its ins and outs without even a basic manual. In fact there is no damn manual at all. I understand we all want to save mother Earth but if I’m paying $60 for a game, I want my damn toilet reading material!

Hell, I read that a certain online gaming review establishment didn’t even know that you could slide into cover or combat. This after playing for 12 hours. Thankfully, the Resident Evil community has taken it upon themselves to explain the finer points of combat in this nifty online guide

Resident Evil 6’s all three campaigns and the unlockable Ada Wong campaign expand the Resident Evil universe in some interesting ways that almost any fan of the characters themselves will appreciate. There are camera problems as almost every RE title has had, there are no tape ribbons, and horror has become of the action kind but Resident Evil 6 is still a fantastic experience, warts and all (there are quite a few). Long time Resident Evil fans need to go into Resident Evil 6 expecting a blockbuster in every sense of the word. It’s loud, full of some plot holes and some questionable decisions but viewed as an overall package is a hell of a fun ride. It’s an experience that will have many questioning the direction of the Resident Evil series as a whole and odds are there are going to be many old school RE fans which will be turned off by the series direction; which will be highly debated for months to come. That said, RE6 deserves a look from just about any fan of the Resident Evil universe, just lower your expectations and enjoy the bumpy nitro fueled ride.

Galaxy Minute

-Beautiful visuals

-Few games have made the zombie apocalypse feel so damn hopeless. You WILL feel incredibly outnumbered by hordes of the undead.

-Capcom needs to ease off of quicktime events. 

-Camera wants to hug you like a long lost lover at times feeling clingy and smothering.

-Insane boss battles and some of the best monster designs in the series.

-Agent Hunt mode is addicting and fun.

-Combat system is far deeper than explained. Experimentation is key to get the most out of it.

-Some great emotional moments that will stay with you once the credits roll.

[image credit: Hexenwolf]

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