Feature: Interview - Silent Hill: Revelation 3D’s Kit Harington on Creepy Nurses and his love for GoldenEye

This NYCC I had the chance to sit down and chat with Game of Thrones very own Jon Snow. While we all know that winter is coming, actor Kit Harington is spending this Fall surviving the horror of Silent Hill in Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. We talked creepy nurses, his love for Street Fighter and why his take on Vincent in Revelation 3D will be very different.

Hey Kit, how you doing?

I’m great man, how are you?

I’m doing great!

First I want to say congrats on all your success.

Oh, thank you very much. That’s very kind.

Now, Silent Hill is a huge video game franchise with tons of hardcore fans, were you familiar with the source material before signing on as Vincent or did you do some research for the role before diving in?

I was familiar to some extent with the source material, I have played the game when I was younger but it terrified me so I didn’t play it too much; but essentially I came to it fresh pretty much. I did see the first film, or I watched the first film in preparation of doing the second film but I was warned away from playing the game because my character differs from the person in the game - so that’s one of the big changes in the film is my character is different… and I can’t really say much about it because it will give things away; but yeah that’s how I approached the movie.

So, Silent Hill: Revelation 3D is more of an adaptation of Silent Hill 3 then?

It is, yeah, I believe it’s based on the third game rather than jumping to the second one. So yeah, it’s a natural progression [in the film] going from the first to the third.

[Director Michael J. Basset revealed that he has added elements from the game Silent Hill 3, but he doesn’t want to be slavishly faithful since games and movies are different modes of storytelling.]

Silent Hill is easily one of the most popular horror game franchises out there. Now you said, you played the first one [Silent Hill] growing up,  did you play a lot of games growing up and what were some of your favorites?

I did, I mean - I grew up in an age where I suppose ya’know kids nowadays grow up with it and videos games are a part of life but I grew up with Megadrive and Sega Saturn I think I had, ya know those old classics. My games were more sort of Street Fighter and I like the kind of combat games and fighting games and I enjoyed racing games like Mario Kart for the N64; that’s a classic!

I loved playing Street Fighter growing up as well, it’s a blast  just hanging out in the arcades or just hanging with friends playing games. 

Exactly, and GoldenEye as well. Did you play GoldenEye?

Absolutely. I loved playing GoldenEye. I remember getting a group of friends and just spending hours shooting it out.

In my book, that’s the best game ever made! Ya, know I just loved it, I love it!

How was it working with Adelaide Clemens and Carrie-Anne-Moss on the film? 

Fantastic. I’ve got nothing but good things to say about both of them. Obviously, I was familiar with Carrie-Anne Moss’s work, so it was just amazing to get to work with her. Adelaide, I wasn’t so familiar with her work, but I just hoping that we would get on since we were going to spend so much time together - but we did; we really got on and she’s a fantastic actress and a great person to be around set. So all in all it was a pretty good experience.

How is your relationship with Adelaide in the film, I know you obviously can’t talk to much about it, but would you say there’s a good development throughout the film between both characters [Vincent and Heather].
Yeah, I think its safe to say they meet each other at the very start and then they go on this journey together - pretty much. I can’t really go into any detail unfortunately, I’m sorry.
There are some crazy looking monsters in Silent Hill: Revelation, were there any monster designs on set that freaked you out? Where you just found yourself taken aback like, whoa!
Yeah, there were these crazy nurses with no faces. In fact all the monsters in this movie seem to be faceless which is kind of scary. Ya know, you sort of get freaked out randomly. So, yeah the nurses were the thing that really did it for me. They’ve got these kind of sexy crazy, scary nurses that freaked me out… yeah you’ll seem them *chuckle*.
Which would you find scarier in a dark alley, Pyramid Head or some creepy nurses?
Creepy nurses. Well, Pyramid Head might be pretty bad as well, actually I’d avoid either of them in a dark ally if I could.
Now you worked with the amazing Sean Bean in this film. I’d be remiss if I didn’t ask, does he finally get to make it through this one in tact? 
At this point it seems to be a running joke among Sean Bean fans that he’s becoming something of a human Kenny from South Park, constantly dying in almost every project he’s in. I really hope he makes it through Silent Hill. I’m rooting for the poor guy.

Yes. Well he does. *chuckle* He does seem to die in everything. I think directors think he dies so well so they go, well right, he’s our go to man for best death; it’s gotta be old Sean. Yeah, he’s a great actor it’s a pity he always dies in things because I think people want to see him, and well see more of him than anything.
with Silent Hill: Revelation 3D being a Halloween flick, what were some of your favorite horror movies growing up?
My favorite horror movie growing up? I loved The Shining, The Wicker Man - I loved The Ring, it was a great movie and I love Lynch movies!  I kind of class them as horror movies because they’re so disturbing. Those are my go to horror movies I’d say. 
By now you have to be used to all the fandom from your work on Game of Thrones, have you felt any pressure from Silent Hill fans, and if there’s anything you could tell them to ease their fears for the new film, what would you say?

I’d say to Silent Hill fans - I mean, that they shouldn’t come to the film, at least as my parts concerned, they shouldn’t come to the film expecting my character to be anything like the one in the video game because he’s just a different character. Like Michael [Director Michael J. Bassett] said to me, maybe we should have called him something else because he’s just a different character; he’s not Vincent from the video game. I didn’t approach him anything like the video game, so he won’t be anything like him. 
I think that if they can enjoy the movie and the story for what it is [which is an adaptation], then hopefully they’ll be happy with the outcome.
So what’s next for you? With Silent Hill now in the can, what can your fans look out for next, besides the fantastic Game of Thrones, which I have to say I’m a big fan of. Any chance of any more Horror or Sci-Fi type projects in your future?
Well… I always wanted to do a Horror movie, so this is kind of ticking a box, and I enjoyed it, and if the script was right I’d do another one. Yeah, I mean, in the future I’ve got a voice over for a kids film called “How to Train Your Dragon 2”, which is brilliant!
I loved the first one, I thought it was a good flick.
It was really good isn’t it?
It was really good.
I genuinely - I hadn’t watched it until I was preparing for the part - and I loved it; I’m very excited about the film. So, I’m doing a sequel to that. I’m hopefully also doing a film called Greenland Time next yearwhich is a brilliant psychological thriller with Vera Farmiga and that’s something I’m really looking forward to doing. So yeah, I’m trying to do as many eclectic range of movies as possible. Ranging from Fantasy, Horror and then hopefully Thrillers and then cartoons. 
So, pretty much just trying your hand at everything and keeping it fresh.

Yeah, I don’t like to narrow myself to one genre it seems. *chuckle*
Thanks for your time Kit, best of luck with the film. I’m looking forward to it. 
A big thanks to Kit and the Silent Hill cast and PR team for their time. Gotta say, the movie, while not looking to be a true adaptation to the game looks to bring a lot of elements to it and should be an interesting experience on its own. 


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