One-Sided Interaction: Resident Evil backlash

People still use reviews for purchase decisions?!

So, yesterday, the internet took a large shit on Resident Evil 6. I was surprised, frankly. I didn’t think major gaming press outlets were allowed to do that to major releases anymore. I figured that after 1UP was gutted and then reanimated as IGN’s lapdog, that there was no one standing up to publishers anymore. Interesting.

I still plan on snagging RE6 at some point, as I am a fan of the ‘core games’ in the series, but I hadn’t planned on getting it at launch. Some of the things I’d been hearing whispered about it, plus some franchise fatigue told me this was a rainy day purchase. Reviews have nothing to do with my purchase decisions, and I was surprised to talk to some folks yesterday that had been excited about it, but then pushed away from the table at the last minute, because of review scores.

People still do that?! Really?

Apparently so. My takeaway was that Capcom hadn’t bought enough advertising to protect against this kind of thing, and that was about it. Additionally, the one favorable review I read was from a reviewer that tends to be right in line with my taste (we’re the two guys who missed the bus on the ‘Japanese games are now officially horrible’ bandwagon ten years ago.)

What I’ve found is that reviews, for me, are a starting point for discussions with the reviewers after I’ve finished the game. I tend to avoid review text prior to finishing the game, and have found that numerical scores are utterly meaningless in the game review world, given the oft-maligned 7-10 review scale. That, and depending on how much advertising the publisher has bought on any given major site, the more discrepancies one might find between the tone of the text and the actual review score (such as in cases in which the reviewer is instructed by ad sales to bring their score more in line with the publisher’s desired Metacritic score. The reviewer will change the score but not the text.)

I also chuckle at the notion of ‘objective’ reviews. Who the fuck a) wants an objective review, and b) is capable of producing one? A man or woman’s life predisposes them to having favorable reactions to some stimulae and not others. In order to be objective, one would have to have led a life free of stimulae, which would mean they’re either dead or utterly incapable of understanding or relating to any of the material being presented to them. As I mentioned above, I’ve found certain reviewers that seem to be in line with me in terms of tastes, and they’re the first people against whom I check my intitial thoughts on a game. From there, many wonderful discussions can flow. It’s also fun to engage reviewers that disagreed with me on games. Disparate opinions are good, and make me question. I like that.

Of course, the worst part about reading reviews, or actually anything on the internet, is the actual users.

I find that few things sour my view of ‘gamers,’ or even the human race, so much as the comments section of any given review or article. It’s truly stunning to see a barely literate grown man build a case for the firing of another man that a) he’s never met, and b) works a job with which the screeching retard has no experience. Unless you’ve worked on production releases of development projects, you’re better off limiting the scope of your criticism to how much you enjoyed the pacing, mechanics, gameplay of a game, as well as what Doritos, Mountain Dew, and social ostracization taste like. It’s too bad about your entire fucking life.

Additionally, the ability of the average man or woman to use the english language has long since dissolved. I don’t want to read a broken sentence fragment from 69Bongihatfags69, nor do I want to read the wall of text he spews when he offers his wall of text dissertation on how Halo 8 was great until the multiplayer fags all became fags. My time is too precious, as is yours. We deserve better.

Why not just focus on enjoying life, and enjoying our games? If a game sucks, sell it back. If a reviewer doesn’t like a game that you like, it’s okay. I promise that the damage done to you will not be lasting. We’ll all get past it. BE STRONG.

In other news …

Next week - Dishonored and XCOM. I CANNOT WAIT.

Been playing the hell out of SWTOR again. I dunno. Been playing my Bounty Hunter and Trooper and been loving the stories. Good times.

Snagged the new Dead Space novel. I love the games, but I really, really love the lore of that series. It’s next in the queue after ‘Dance With Dragons.’

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