One-Sided Interaction: Dishonored

I am REALLY excited about Dishonored. So excited, in fact, that I even played the horrid iOS rat-cutting game. I remember reading about it in PC Gamer magazine a couple years ago in a hotel room while I was traveling on business, and I actually dog-eared the page because I wanted to re-read it after dinner. It was the perfect preview. It was early in the actual dev process, so they’d wrapped pre-production, but they hadn’t yet ramped up into hardcore ‘stay on message’ PR mode yet, which, I think, is the best time to interview a developer. They’re not yet beaten to death by hitting milestones and the PR vultures aren’t circling so closely, plus, they’re still at that speculative stage, in which their game is still feature-rich. Reality and money men haven’t forced them to compromise yet.

If I really am allowed to carry out these missions in ways that I see fit, and I can that watercooler things with my friends where we compare notes and had totally different experiences, then I’m all yours. Plus, throw in some RPG elements and make the FPS action solid, and we’re good. Oh, and the world. Damn, it looks good.

Plus, it’s a new IP with a strong pedigree. Nothing gets me hard like a new IP that emphasizes story, setting, and choice. I look at this game, and I fantasize. I look at this game, and I’m so pumped for it, that I avoid as much as possible from the gaming sites, especially with the over-reliance on video nowadays.

Side-note: I was trying to find some help with the latest ME3 DLC, and the only fucking walkthroughs I could find were all video, I shit you not. Fucking lazy jackasses.

Dishonored is next week, and I”ll be snagging it on Steam. I cannot wait, and I”m glad that this awful month is finally coming to a close. September is always my busiest month, and now that it’s ramping down, I’m finally catching up on life.

I’ve got Guild Wars 2 and Borderlands 2 staring at me, going, ‘What about us?!’ I do plan to dive headlong into GW2 this weekend and then Borderlands 2 … eh, I’ll get to it. I really like it, but … I dunno. I had a feeling this might happen. We’ll see.

After Dishonored, I’m getting Forza Horizon, and then calling it a holiday. I’ll get RE6 before the year’s out, but I’m taking a wait-and-see approach with that game. I’ll probably throw it on my Xmas list, and if the trophy wife buys it for me, cool. If not, depending on what certain reviewers and certain friends say, I’ll snag it next summer when the GotY version comes out.

Aside from that, it’s a fucking lean holiday release schedule. I can’t think of anything else that’s really caught my eye. That spring release window has become a real ‘thing’ now. Dead Space 3, The Last of Us, South Park, Metro: Last Light, Aliens: Colonial Marines, and even the farmed-out Gears of War game (and, yeah, I’m done with Gears, I think.) I, for one, am glad to see releases a little more spread out. That used to be the dead time when I’d catch up on everything, but now there’s no need, since it’s all evenly spaced now (and I’ve outgrown the M-rated military shooters that skew toward 13-year olds.)

Quick Hits

The humor in Borderlands 2 is brilliant. I wish more games did this.

The more I think about it, the more post-release single-player content for an RPG just seems stupid, unless it’s a post-game-story expansion. I mean, I’ll take it, but instead of little pieces, I’d rather just buy a full-priced 40hour expansion. Do that.

Okay, but yeah, I am really looking forward to the Omega storyline from the comics wrapping up in ME3. FINE

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