Guild Wars 2 digital sales are back online

You’d think an MMO selling like crazy would be a good thing, but ArenaNet seems to care more about your experience than sales. Although, we’re pretty damn sure they love you buying their game. If you’re late to the Guild Wars 2 bandwagon then you may have found getting a hold of a copy of the game, either digitally or the old fashion way has been a bit of a pain in the arse. 

"Preserving the customer experience has always been our top priority. We’re supporting Guild Wars 2 for the long run. We’ll always do what it takes to deliver the best online gaming experience for our customers, even when that means throttling sales.”  

- ArenaNet president and co-founder Mike O’Brien

At least on ArenaNet’s side; they’ve periodically shut off of the “let’s make money button” on their site — cutting off Guild Wars 2 digital sales. Their reasoning has been that they want Guild Wars 2 to be a great experience for as many players as possible. Thus, manually stopping new gamers to Tyria to slowly add more servers to better serve new players just digging in for the first time. You have to commend a company that cares more about a quality experience then having a bum-rush of sales to only then let players deal with a crap online experience. If you’re still looking to play what is easily the best MMO experience since WoW, you can get yourself a digital copy now over at Be warned: Guild Wars 2 is like virtual crack rock. 

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