Rumor: Ubisoft rebooting Prince of Persia, first screenshot

That big dude right there, yeah, that’s supposed to be the main character of the new rebooted Prince of Persia. From the first rumored details, this is going to have more in common with God of War than the Prince of Persia you know and love. 

 First, the next Prince of Persia will not have any relation to the previous series. None of the successful trilogy, nor to the secondary cel-shaded Prince of Persia. If you remember, the latter was to become the first game of the new trilogy. But the low ratings from critics and sluggish sales have forced Ubisoft to abandon further work on a series that clearly failed commercially. Now we’re getting something closer in spirit to God of War or even Assassin’s Creed. Secondly, the title will be released late next year.

So long cel-shaded Prince of Persia. We hardly knew ye. 

Via: NeoGaf

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    I think it looks more like Assassin’s Creed because of the sandbox-like town.
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    Man, I hope not. All my tears for the untold story of the Prince and Elika.
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    I love this series but that big muscular guy is not the Prince. He’s supposed to be strong yes, but also slender and...
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    ….I don’t mind a Prince of Persia game having similar looks and feels to Assassin’s Creed, but……..I’m hoping this rumor...
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    Hmmm. I dunno about this.
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  13. bioticmindtrick said: That sucks. I liked the cel-shaded game and was hoping for more.
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    That’s a damn shame. I thought the cel shaded one was witty, challenging, it had a good story, all around it was a...
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