Preview: Resident Evil 6 

Capcom, if nothing else, is a company that’s willing to invest in their heavy hitter franchises, and there’s no franchise bigger to Capcom then Resident Evil. With Resident Evil 6, Capcom is pulling out all the stops to deliver not only a massive sequel, but the biggest game in the companies history.

Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Platforms:  Xbox 360, PS3, PC

Not happy with only having one leading man or woman, Capcom is giving gamers 6 main characters wrapped into three distinctly different campaigns. Each of these campaigns can be played with two different characters via single player or co-op with a friend. Capcom is aiming to bring together three slightly different play styles together into one giant bundle of a game. Sure to please fans of the franchises old school, more horror filled Resident Evil of old will be Leon’s campaign.  Delivering action packed testosterone fueled SWAT tactics is Chris’ forte and providing a happy medium is Jake’s campaign, which seems to be a mix of both with a stronger focus on close quarters combat.  

Capcom is promising gamers a whole lot of game for your hard earned money, with each campaign reportedly checking in at around 70-80% of Resident Evil 5's one and only campaign. This makes Resident Evil 6 seem even more massive by comparison… and that’s not even figuring in the new Mercenaries mode. 

New to the franchise is a seamless 6-player co-op. While playing any campaign with a friend, you’ll be auto-magically connected to a pair of 4 other players during some of the title’s more cinematic moments, like fighting an 8ft tall creature out to ruin a neighborhood. Now that’s just not going to past the mustard with the Homeowners Association!

                             Fight the undead with the undead!

While the complete package sounds fantastic so far, from our time with the newly released demo, it’s not all undead dreams and typewriter wishes. Currently, the title has more than its share of control and camera issues, something the Resident Evil franchise is more than familiar with. Leon’s campaign is easily the spookiest of the three, showcasing series mainstay Leon Kennedy and newbie Helena Harper slowly stalking their way through an abandoned school and meeting up with a poor hapless man simply looking for his daughter. It’s short on action but rich on atmosphere and we can dig that. What’s harder to dig is the camera that seems to be pressed up against Leon a bit too close for comfort. 

Chris’s campaign has it even tougher, with the camera wanting to be Chris’s best friend constantly wanting to give him a pat on the back and aiming controls which are looser than a Vegas slot machine. Thankfully, Capcom has been wise enough to give players plenty of options to tweak the aiming controls to their hearts content but camera controls are nowhere near as customizable.

Jake’s campaign seems to play the best, with a camera that seems to give Jake and his partner Sherry Birkin a bit of breathing room; allowing you to easily get a go at Wesker Jr’s fancy hand to hand combat, which are killer in close quarters.  

Capcom is currently showing off a new build of Resident Evil 6 at San Diego’s Comic-Con, with reports indicating that some of the camera issues are slowly being resolved, but more importantly, they’ve managed to snag down the prevalent screen tearing in the E3 demo build; which was ridiculously bad. 

With an October 2nd release date now set in gravestone, Capcom is slowly getting all their gears set to deliver what many fans are hoping to be one of the biggest Resident Evil sequels yet. We know the game content is there, and certainly the story with a reported over 4 hours of cut scenes, but Resident Evil fans are hoping more importantly that the nail-biting horror the series is infamous for is back and better than ever. 

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