Review: I like to move it, move it

Once upon a time I was promised that if I swung my blade this way, Link too would swing his blade that way! WELL, THE PROMISE WAS BROKEN. Unfulfilled! 

Developer: Sony
Publisher: SCEA
Platforms: PS3

Motion control was ruined for me FOREVER. Not really, but it did hinder me from getting all excited about Sony’s motion controller, Move. I figured it’d be the same ‘ol waggle waggle and I’d be flopping all over the place with great inaccuracy. Well, colored me surprised when I bought it two days ago.

I know plenty call it the Wii 2.0, and while it is an obvious imitation in the “sense”, it is a far cry from Nintendo’s Wii remote. This is a wand on steroids! Unlike the Wii’s sensor bar, the Move uses the PS Eye to pick up the glowing ball at the end of your controller, determining its distance from the TV. This allows for near 1:1 movement. It is undeniably accurate in tracking your actions, meaning it’s not just a waggle anymore but a full on motion. While gripping your frisbee, wand, whatever object it may be, the Move matches your every twist and turn. It looks and feels precise. So swing your sword with ferocity! Toss that Frisbee with ease! Smash that ping pong! It’s no longer a flick of the wrist, you can have fun with it (and a good arm workout. No, really!)

Now, I’m sure we’ve all already had the pleasure of playing Heavy Rain. You probably played it like thirty times just to get the achievements. BUT, if you’re lazy like me …you didn’t. I’m glad I didn’t either, because now I’ll have the pleasure of playing it with the Move. After trying the demo, I am completely excited to run through it again. It was kind of clunky at first, but only because I decided not to read the control instructions. Do so. It’ll save you frustrations. "I SWUNG IT DOWN, THIS SUCKS. IT’S NOT READING ME—-oh… oh. I have to pull it towards me…not down… I see…oops." I didn’t have the companion controller either, so I had the wand in one hand and the SIXAXIS controller in the other. Not the most comfortable way to play, but it worked!

The controller itself feels comfortable, fitting nicely into the palm of your hand as you grip it. Your index finger rests on the “T” trigger in the back and your thumb on the action button in between the other 4 traditional Sony buttons. The T trigger is used to pick up objects or control your actions in game. The ball on the end is squishy and changes color according to your game. Yes, that means you are stuck with pink/purple sometimes. Suck it up!

Unfortunately, the launch of Move has a not so impressive line of games. Personally, I enjoyed Wii Spo—- I mean, Sports Champions. Archery and Gladiator Duels!? Oh yes. But aside from that, there is definitely no must have title. The cost might dissuade some from purchasing the Move as well. Considering you are going to want to get a second controller right off the bat, the ideal amount you are looking at is somewhere around $150 with the starter pack.

In my opinion, the Move is definitely no Wii imitation. Sony has put forth all the bells and whistles to bring us what the Wii promised and couldn’t deliver. Now, let’s see how it’ll hold up next to Microsoft’s Kinect.

 By: Brendii Dominguez

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