Thief and More on Sale on Xbox One and 360

Looking to add some more titles your backlog? Well now’s you’re chance with the upcoming Xbox Deal of the Week sale. Titles in asterix go on sale March 28th. Remember, these sale prices require you to be a Gold member. 

FEZ Hits PSN Today, CrossBuy with PS3, PS4 and Vita

It took long enough but FEZ is finally coming to PSN today, best of all is that it’s Cross-Buy and Cross-Save on all PlayStation platforms. If you’re a PS Plus member you can snag it for $9.74 and enjoy it even while on the can on your Vita. 

Insomniac Games Celebrates 20 Years

Prepare for a blast from the past as Ted and crew celebrate 20 years of making great games with this insane music video. While I may be in the minority that enjoyed FUSE (seriously, it was a fun co-op game!) no one can deny the greatness of Ratchet and Clank and Resistance 3 was pretty damn fantastic. Here’s looking forward to Sunset Overdrive later this year and more Ratchet in the future. Thanks Insomniac! 

X-Men : Days of Future Past is Giving us Nerd Boners

Not gaming related but f*ck it, the new X-Men trailer has hit the interwebs and it looks hot. See how many X-Men you can spot in the trailer, I think I spotted Shadowcat somewhere in there. 

Next-Gen Assassin’s Creed: Unity Announced

The first completely next-gen or current-gen Assassin’s Creed is finally announced, say hello to Unity. If this ingame trailer is to be believed then whoa, we’re in for some stunning visuals in France. 

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