New The Evil Within Trailer Looks Insane

This August Shinji Mikami is coming back to the horror genre to show others how the hell its done with The Evil Within. This new trailer makes us think that this is going to be one hell of a ride just in time for Halloween. The Evil Within launches this August on PS3, 360, PS4 and Xbox One. 

New Wolfenstein The New Order Trailer

From the makers of The Darkness and the Riddick games comes Wolfenstein: The New Order, an FPS that shockingly is all about the single player story driven experience with no multiplayer what so ever. You’ll be able to get your hands on the PS4 version of the Nazi shooting simulator at Pax East. Everyone else will have to wait till next month to go all Lieutenant Aldo “The Apache” Raine on some Nazi ass. 

Game Informer’s May Cover is Epic Games Fortnite

Not what many were expecting but it looks like legit fun. Epic is breaking out of Gears and looks to be taking a step back and forward with Fortnite. Bringing a little classic Unreal Tournament like action with co-op and RPG building and survival elements. Interestly enough, Fortnite is going to be a Free-2-Play game. 

The Crew will feature microtransactions that allow players to purchase new performance parts using real-world money

If you thought the age of microtransactions was going to get any better this generation than you haven’t been paying much attention or didn’t buy Forza 5. UbiSoft’s The Crew is taking and running with it. 

The system appears to be similar to the monetisation model found in many free-to-play games, with players able to earn in-game credits by completing missions and challenges, or short-cutting the process by purchasing currency with real cash.

"We can confirm that performance parts can be unlocked through progression as well as microtransactions," a Ubisoft representative told “All content can be unlocked through progression, but for busy gamers who want to save some time, they will have the opportunity to buy some items in-game.”

"Everything in the game has got this dual currency approach,"

"We’re not going to stop you from progressing [if you don’t spend money], but it’ll be more time."

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