Troy Baker is the New Nolan North

This guy is everywhere and that’s not exactly a bad thing. Troy will be playing the main character in Shadow of Mordor, which will looking awesome as hell, is probably going to get crushed this October. Which is now officially known as “Your Wallet is Dead” month. 

New Dragon Age Inquisition Gameplay

BioWare is hard at work on the next Dragon Age and it shows. Running on the new Frostbite Engine, Inquisition is certainly the prettiest Dragon Age yet but also the largest. Set in massive sprawling areas and more character design choices than before it’s looking like a worthy sequel to Origins, after the mixed reception of Dragon Age II. 

No Man’s Sky Looks Incredible

Easily the darling of this years E3, No Man’s Sky looks absolutely amazing and was one hell of a get for Sony. Hello Games has released a new video showing off how No Man’s Sky came to be and the dream behind the game. 

Meet Cole in Dragon Age Inquisition

He is a ghost in the shadows, walking unnoticed through crowds. He can slit an enemy’s throat before they even realize he’s there, and slip away, never to be seen again. Those few who do notice him soon forget he ever existed… and Cole isn’t certain that he does exist. He is a spirit, impossibly caught between the immaterial realm of the Fade and the confusing realities of our physical world, but does that make him real? Does it make him human or a demonic pretender, as some believe?

All Cole knows for certain is that the world is full of pain and he must find his place within it. Those who wish to restore order and help the helpless will find him a strange but unwavering ally. Those who use their power for selfish reasons may never see Cole again—if they remember that he was there to begin with.

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