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Raised during the 16-bit wars, Alejandro Rodriguez was a child soldier working for the Sega faction. “I lost a lot of friends during that time, I saw my best friend get taken down after he realized that the version of Street Fighter II on the Super Nintendo was better than the Sega Genesis version. He killed himself a month later.”

Later he found inner peace by accepting multiple consoles into his life, “It wasn’t about who was better than the other, it was about the love of gaming. That’s all that really mattered in the end.” Still, he feels that the gaming community is too fragmented and needs to grow up. “It’s like no one remembers what it was like in the early 90s, it’s like they forgot about all the soldiers we lost during the war. It’s like the saying goes, those who forget their past are doomed to repeat it.”
Years after the 16-bit wars Rodriguez decided to write about videogames as a profession. He currently lives in an unknown part of California with his dog, Tails.

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